So. Marv and I were a little bored tonite.

Marv, by the way is my oldest friend in SL.

I met him in after about a week of being in Second Life – with my previous Avi.

So – anyhoo, we were bored and felt mischievous! So we bought a couple of space hoppers – or skippy balls as Marv calls them in his unique language of Dutchlish – and put on our finest hats and bounced off to Bukkake Bliss!

And there I met Audrey – who I haven’t seen for a while, so she joined in the fun and played along with our stupid comments in LC. She also tried to get me to sacrifice Marv and wash all my sins away in a pool of what she says was tofu and spring dew – but what actually looked more like cum to me.

We giggled a lot – even if no -one else did. And tomorrow we are going to try bouncing our way ’round Slut Alley.

Pics to follow!