It’s noisy and disjointed in this tangled mess
I’m jarred and jangling on a raw and jagged edge
It’s like a picture that has faded the colours have all blurred
And I’m drawn to the comfort of strangers.

Oh lead me not into temptation
To fight these feelings of frustration
I want a stillness inside and a silence of mind
And to stop dreaming of the comfort of strangers


Marv……I love you!

A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.

Always there…

Always wise….

Always kind….

Always fun….

Always safe…..

Always Dutch….

Always Disco….

Lovely, lovely Marv.



Look what I found in Fishy Strawberry!

Been shopping

I went shopping today. My monthly trip to Bax  found a pair of long brown suede boots calling my feet home.

So – my mission of buying every single pair of Bax boots is one step closer. Or so I thought until I also noticed that they have added these Booties to their collection:

BAX Booties Contessa Silver

So actually, my mission is no more closer to completion than it was yesterday! Ah well! ūüôā

A quick trip to Fishy Strawberry resulted in an oversized blue cardigan. Then I decided that I needed a scarf ¬†and remembered that my fave men’s store – Mr Poet had been giving them away free!










Teamed with some glasses and my jeans – I think this makes a cute, preppy outfit!


I was wearing this outfit in the Fuck Club where I was ¬†just chilling out and someone asked me if I was a librarian! You never know- if the dancing goes tits up………

It’s official!

Your new FC Officer - reporting for duty!

I have been promoted!

I joined the FC Officer team a couple of days ago and I have been made to feel very welcome by the team and management!

I have had some dancers transferred to me from a previous officer and I am looking forward to recruiting some more! I am also looking forward to getting involved in some events -as the Halloween and Christmas events were such good fun!

So – pop by and see me in the best exotic dancing club in Second Life!

I am in love…..

……with a ¬†chair!

Okay. So last week, I posted on the ADA site about the new Henmations Burlesque Chair.

Well today – I went and bought one…..and I absolutely love it!

The 22 different animations are great -so sexy and cute!

And I reckon that eventually it will pay for itself in tips (that’s what I told myself as I paid for it anyway)!


So. Marv and I were a little bored tonite.

Marv, by the way is my oldest friend in SL.

I met him in after about a week of being in Second Life – with my previous Avi.

So Рanyhoo, we were bored and felt mischievous! So we bought a couple of space hoppers Рor skippy balls as Marv calls them in his unique language of Dutchlish Рand put on our finest hats and bounced off to Bukkake Bliss!

And there I met Audrey – who I haven’t seen for a while, so she joined in the fun and played along with our stupid comments in LC. She also tried to get me to sacrifice Marv and wash all my sins away in a pool of what she says was tofu and spring dew – but what actually looked more like cum to me.

We giggled a lot – even if no -one else did. And tomorrow we are going to try bouncing our way ’round Slut Alley.

Pics to follow!

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