Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh 3 of 4

Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh 3 of 4.


Erotic Stories Night

Erotic Stories Night.

KamaSutra Exotic Dance and Strip Club

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“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”

……. so said Oscar Wilde! And he should know – having been one of the greatly admired comic geniuses of the 19th Century.

Well, I recently discovered that I too have an admirer! An admirer who expresses his love and interest (although some may say it is actually an obsession) to me through blogging regularly about my current activities on SL. Well at least – I think it is about me.

This individual devotes an awful lot of time and energy into writing very witty posts (almost daily) about someone he calls Purky Velcrolove – which I am assuming is a pseudonym for me. His sarcastic parodies have me crying with laughter – seriously – they are so funny…you should go check them out. Becky  (her pseudonym in the blogs is Bucky Finch) and I literally cannot wait to see what he is going to write next. We love the way he has picked out all of our finer personal qualities and highlighted them – such is his devotion.

So – who is this talented individual? None other than Homens –  my ex boss at the FC and ADA! I guess he misses us so bad since we left to open our own club and so the only way he can feel part of our lives is to constantly write about us! Either that or he is helping by giving us free publicity for out new ventures. Awwwww….sweet.

I am touched by his interest and efforts, truly. In fact if I had known that he was so funny and this interested in me – I would have paid more attention to him before….laughter is a huge aphrodisiac after all….and who knows where it could have led? Maybe – if I had of slept with him – I too could have become one of his star dancers….? Oh well, missed opportunities and all that. Never mind.

So, anyhoo, I just wanted to publicly thank Homens for giving Becky and I lots to laugh about as we go about our SL. As someone once said :

“Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not.”

So – thank you Homens – for giving me consistent laughs and reminding me not to take you, me or SL too seriously.

Looking forward to the next post!


It’s noisy and disjointed in this tangled mess
I’m jarred and jangling on a raw and jagged edge
It’s like a picture that has faded the colours have all blurred
And I’m drawn to the comfort of strangers.

Oh lead me not into temptation
To fight these feelings of frustration
I want a stillness inside and a silence of mind
And to stop dreaming of the comfort of strangers


So. Marv and I were a little bored tonite.

Marv, by the way is my oldest friend in SL.

I met him in after about a week of being in Second Life – with my previous Avi.

So – anyhoo, we were bored and felt mischievous! So we bought a couple of space hoppers – or skippy balls as Marv calls them in his unique language of Dutchlish – and put on our finest hats and bounced off to Bukkake Bliss!

And there I met Audrey – who I haven’t seen for a while, so she joined in the fun and played along with our stupid comments in LC. She also tried to get me to sacrifice Marv and wash all my sins away in a pool of what she says was tofu and spring dew – but what actually looked more like cum to me.

We giggled a lot – even if no -one else did. And tomorrow we are going to try bouncing our way ’round Slut Alley.

Pics to follow!

Happy New One!!!

Well! 2011 has certainly been eventful! Let’s hope 2012 is just as much fun!

I shall be partying on down …. so, for now, I wish you all health, love, inspiration and joy! Oh! And sex – of course….or at least a New Year’s kiss as the clock strikes midnight!