Look what I found in Fishy Strawberry!


Been shopping

I went shopping today. My monthly trip to Bax  found a pair of long brown suede boots calling my feet home.

So – my mission of buying every single pair of Bax boots is one step closer. Or so I thought until I also noticed that they have added these Booties to their collection:

BAX Booties Contessa Silver

So actually, my mission is no more closer to completion than it was yesterday! Ah well! 🙂

A quick trip to Fishy Strawberry resulted in an oversized blue cardigan. Then I decided that I needed a scarf  and remembered that my fave men’s store – Mr Poet had been giving them away free!










Teamed with some glasses and my jeans – I think this makes a cute, preppy outfit!


I was wearing this outfit in the Fuck Club where I was  just chilling out and someone asked me if I was a librarian! You never know- if the dancing goes tits up………