Hair Addict Alert

"Falling Slowly" - Shag Hair. Modelled by yours truly!


I decided to go hair shopping this morning . No surprise there then . You know me. So – I had a quick look at Juicy Bomb to see if there were any hair recommendations and I came across the store ‘Shag’.

To my surprise I had never visited ‘Shag’ before. You would think that with a name like that and with it being a hair store, it would have least come up in one of my Second Life searches!

So – I paid it a quick visit and came across loads of styles that I liked – but ended up buying this one – “Falling Slowly”.  I chose the roots colour pack and opted for the butterscotch option.  I just fancied something a little different to my trademark blonde! What do you think?


Been thinking about stuff

Christmas. A time for presents, the inevitable turkey dinner, drinking too much wine and watching daft TV programmes. And for me – a time for reflection……

And the sum total of my hours of soul searching, deep thought?

Though crazy,chaotic and random most of the time… Second Life is actually good.

  • I have friends – dear, kind, crazy friends who never fail to listen to me, pick me up, dust me off , make me cry and make me laugh
  • I have a job which I love – although it can be chaotic trying to fit it in with everything else and which I am 100% committed to.
  • I still continue to meet random people everyday – and with each meeting comes a whole new set of possibilities

And so,  I look forward to 2012 in this relatively new (to me) world.

Merry Christmas!