About Me


What are you doing  on my page?

Well – seeing as you are here, come in and take a load off…. have a browse… hell – even leave a comment or two if you like?

So – some things that you might like to know about me:

Good morning!


  • I talk too much. In fact my sister says that when she organises my funeral – my epitaph will be –     “Here lies Purdie…she was endearingly nuts and liked to talk.”


  • I am nuts – endearingly so – some say. Others just think I am nuts and give me a wide berth. Which is fair enough.
  • I am not sure – despite the verbal issue – that I actually have anything relevant to say….so we shall see as this blog progresses?
  • I am fun- or so I am told. However – it’s a bit like one of those ‘are you laughing at me or with me’ scenarios. You know the ones?

Okay. Well that should do for now. If I think of anything else that you need to know…I will let you know. And if you want to look me up in-world – then please do!

♥ ῥὗʀḋἷἔ ♥


This is my personal blog and does not reflect anyone else’s opinions or ideas but my own.

And just to warn you…this blog may contain explicit content that you should not read unless you are 18 years or older. 

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