That ole’ devil

I have just started a new page……you will see it in the menu bar above. It is a page dedicated to one particular subject….. and one only. Love. Or more specifically – Love in SL.


Well, in my research for my lectures at the ADA I started reading a lot about relationships, intimacy, love and sex in SL. This got me thinking a lot.

At the same time, unbeknownst to me, my heart was getting ready to be broken again.

So…now,  although still hurting and yearning, my heart is ready to try to heal, so it kinda makes sense to write about it all. Call it my therapy…dear readers, with you – my counsellors.

The emotions, the intimacy, the friendship, the sex……. the laughing, the learning, the crying. To hell with it.  I’m  just gonna get it all out there.

And the names have been changed to protect the innocent……and the guilty.


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