Happy New One!!!

Well! 2011 has certainly been eventful! Let’s hope 2012 is just as much fun!

I shall be partying on down …. so, for now, I wish you all health, love, inspiration and joy! Oh! And sex – of course….or at least a New Year’s kiss as the clock strikes midnight!


If music be the food of love, play on……..


I recently downloaded Spotify on my PC. The main reason for this? Well – any of you that know me, will know that I am a massive music fan.

Festivals are my thing. From the massive Glastonbury to the relatively small Hop Farm Festival – I have pretty much been a regular at them all over the years.

I love the atmosphere at different festivals. Each one has their own uniqueness.

I love the mix of people (and note the change of audience demographic since the early 90’s).

I love the secret hidden treasures – especially at Glastonbury…. seeking them out and wondering at the minds that created them.

I love ‘discovering’ new and up and coming bands. I saw Radiohead at Glastonbury before they were well known. I saw Coldplay and Snowpatrol before they became mainstream.

I also love seeing established bands – and finding out what all the fuss is about. Traditionally – I am not  really a dance music kinda girl – more Rock and Indie, but I had the best night in 2002 at Glastonbury when I saw Faithless for the first time and witnessed 100,000 people all around me jump about and dance their asses off. The atmosphere was electric….my body was a slave to the pounding bass and my mind (possibly helped by a lil’ bit if alcohol) span and soared. A night never to forget – and revisited when Faithless played again at Glastonbury in 2010.

And since joining SL, my music taste has widened by visiting DJ sets at different clubs and listening to various radio streams.  I wanted to check out and listen to recently discovered SL music while offline too – hence Spotify.

So – I am making an SL Spotify playlist, which I regularly update, of music that I discovered through SL, tracks that I already knew but had forgotten about till I heard them in SL and songs that remind me of people I have met.

Take a look at what’s on there so far:


Okay – so it’s a work in progress – which I will add to as the days, weeks and months in SL go on.

Been thinking about stuff

Christmas. A time for presents, the inevitable turkey dinner, drinking too much wine and watching daft TV programmes. And for me – a time for reflection……

And the sum total of my hours of soul searching, deep thought?

Though crazy,chaotic and random most of the time…..my Second Life is actually good.

  • I have friends – dear, kind, crazy friends who never fail to listen to me, pick me up, dust me off , make me cry and make me laugh
  • I have a job which I love – although it can be chaotic trying to fit it in with everything else and which I am 100% committed to.
  • I still continue to meet random people everyday – and with each meeting comes a whole new set of possibilities

And so,  I look forward to 2012 in this relatively new (to me) world.

Merry Christmas!